About Us

For the last eight years we have indulged our passion for quality teas with an interest in an outstanding tea import business.  As our knowledge and enthusiasm for tea grew so too did our desire to create our own unique range of blends. 

The starting point in creating these was that the ingredients had to be of the very highest quality. Ours, sourced from all over the world, are second to none.

The blending of these ingredients into perfectly balanced delicious teas was an exhaustive process. Many weeks were spent endlessly tweaking to get them just right. However the final results speak for themselves and the blends are exceptional.

Finally, we feel that beautiful tea deserves to be beautifully presented, so we needed a box that was as pleasing to look at as the tea is to drink. We put a great deal of work into the design and production of our boxes, but we hope you will agree that it was worth the effort.

We are incredibly proud and excited to present our initial twelve blends.

Simon & Kate Prince (May 2014)