Our thirteen blends are made up of six teas (those which contain tea leaves from the camellia sinensis plant) and seven herbal blends. We have four black teas, our full flavoured English Breakfast, more delicate Afternoon Tea, elegant Earl Grey and decadent Chocolate Cinnamon Chai. In addition we have our enviable Green Tea, a Mao Feng in the Keemun style and our fragrant hand rolled Jasmine Pearls.

For the herbals we have two fruit filled blends, Berries & Cherries and Blood Orange, a mouthwatering Mint (half peppermint half spearmint) and Chamomile blended with rose petals and lavender. Lemongrass Lime & Root Ginger has a bite, the Caramel Vanilla Rooibos is smooth and lastly our newest addition, Mint Liquorice & Fennel (in the shop soon).

Picking just thirteen out of all the blends we created was not easy and some that we liked very much just missed out. With this in mind we intend to expand our range over time adding to our collection.


Whilst we love loose leaf tea, we love just a tiny bit more the simple convenience of the tea bag. Ours are made by Fuso in Japan who also make the clever machines that fill them. Their fine silky mesh allows the blends to be seen and their shape helps protect the contents. Best of all they are made from cornstarch and are fully biodegradable.